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Brief summary about the company

ALSHARQA (Egyptian gulf for the work of air conditioning) is a leading company working in the field of contracting and engineering consultancy over the age of fifteen years ago.


ALSHARQA ... company lean on solid ground are science and work per fiction. As for science our company owns an elite group of skilled engineers in the field of design and implementation. As for work per fiction it includes distinguished group of coaches working with highly experienced in the field of contracting in the beginning of the construction of top-notch engineers owners experience's preference through highly skilled technicians and depth of experience and finally, the officials administration and marketing specialists in the field of contracting.

Al Sharqa
For Central Air Condition


ALSHARQA has a factory in BADR industrial accredited region. The factory is equipped with modern machines and equipment for the manufacture of all types of air outlets of the central air conditioning and manufacturing work sheet (air passages) in all its forms.

The latest manufacturing techniques depending on the Global Code and this is demolished by workers, whether engineers or technicians highly experienced trainers.

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